Mission and Proceeds

Mask-ER-Aides™ Mission is to put a smile on every face and lighten the mood of cancer patients young and old.

Proceeds from Mask-ER-Aides

  • Supplement Stacey’s lost income: We are hopeful that Mask-ER-Aides will not only meet our mission but also supplement Stacey’s lost income. Stacey was informed in November of 2014 that her job as a benefits manager was being eliminated at the end of May, 2015. PippiPrincessFaceStacey has worked for this company and its sister companies in New Orleans, Houston and then Charlotte since her graduation from college. Before her illness, she was actively seeking a job. Upon diagnosis, Stacey filed for Family Medical Leave. In June, she will be relying on her severance.
  • Levine Cancer Institute: Stacey and Jeff have been impressed and well taken care of at Carolinas Medical Center’s Levine Cancer Institute and want to support the research and institute that has helped Stacey in her battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
  • As proceeds increase with the success and adoption of Mask-ER-Aides in more hospitals, additional funds will be distributed to other cancer research and the care of cancer patients of all ages.