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Mask-ER-Aides Story

Update: Stacey’s Story 2021

Stacey’s Leukemia remains in remission. With the pandemic, we transitioned to printing cloth that could be sewn into masks and one cat design has been printed ready-to-wear masks.

Stacey’s Story

On Friday, February 20, 2015, the doctor called Stacey to report to the emergency room immediately. Her blood counts were critically low and needed immediate attention. After several weeks of fatigue, Stacey paid a visit to her doctor to see if something was causing this. Although her doctor’s appointment had been a regular checkup the previous afternoon, her life would be turned upside down. Like so many other cancer stories, this appointment started a new and life changing journey.

On February 25th, Stacey was informed that she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Stacey began an aggressive 10 day chemo protocol was started. However, due to her weakened immune system, Stacey was put in isolation. Every visitor and staff member was required to wear a surgical mask the entire time they were in the ICU. Carolinas Medical Center Isolation area includes about 16 units with a dedicated nursing staff and highly secured entry. Jeff, Stacey’s husband, is known for being hilarious and a gifted artist. Jeff decided to lighten the mood and bring a smile to Stacey’s face by drawing a funny caricature nose and mouth on his blue surgical mask.

Thus began the tradition and the birth of “Mask-ER-Aides”.

Jeff and Erin wearing the first Puppy themed Mask-ER-Aides surgical masks while visiting Stacey in isolation.
©2020 Jeff Culver